Goal No.1 Speak another language

One of my objectives in life is to have the ability of speak 2 or 3 languages. I’ve read some researches on the Internet where It says that, people’s brains who speaks more than one languages works differently, wich makes us see the world from other perspective, maybe a wider one.
For those who have planed this goal, probably have discovered that learn another language being an adult is really really hard. That’s because all human beings learn through imitation and we create habits which sticks on us.
But always there’s a trick! children seems to learn faster and better than us…  How is possible that, children’s capacity to learn is more effective than ours?

Language ability is typically measured in two parts:
Speaking and writing and listen ing and reading. But it depends on how we use that abilities.

Our brains works thanks two hemispheres:
Left: Analytical and logical processes.
Right: Emotional and social processes.

Children uses the two parts of their brains because they express what they want and what they feel instead translate what they’re thinking. That’s the way they perceive the world around them.

While The adults (us) uses just the left part of their brains, using language to get something, and to know something, It’s more like we want to achieve something, and we make the language more analytical and that’s why is more difficult for us to learn It.
It’s like say It, but don’t feel what you’re saying.


So the trick Is that, if you want to learn quickly you have to feel It, and of course don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just like when you learn to say «apple» in your native language.